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I Wear Eyeglasses!

2013-07-04 17:08:02 Los Angeles, Ca USA

rimless prescription sunglasses - photocromic

I wear glasses, have always worn prescription glasses. At some point I thought it was cool, other times just a plain drag...but mostly it has always cost me a pretty penny.

I remember going to my first eye doctor at about age 12, after having convinced my mom that I cannot see AT all and need glasses pronto! (it seemed like a cool idea wearing glasses, very grown-up anyways)

I think I faked it a bit...and seemed to manage to convince the doctor that I needed glasses pronto!
It set my mum back quite a ended up on head most of the time. The same way my dad wore his. Back then in the 80's I got a pair of golden aviator glasses that were the hottest glasses to wear.

Time soon proved that it was indeed within my genetic make up to wear glasses.

Playing tennis it was a drag, especially since I sweat on my nose!Seemed like they were always falling off!
I also recall going to parties and soon realized that some boys thought I was too bookish?? Huh, I guess that was all they
could see.

Anyhow, times have changed, or I've adjusted to a life of wearing glasses. I guess I'm lucky that I can see a bit without them;
helps when you go swimming or in the spa.
Talking about the spa....I actually went to a body wash spa, where they wash your body with milk, avocado and other lovely decadents...
I had my contacts on because I've already been in trouble for not reading the signs posted (I'll tell you that story another time)!
So I told the "wash lady" ..that I had my contacts on...she proceeded to yell it to all the other "wash ladies" in Korean and they all
laughed...she then told me in broken English that I shouldn't have done that. She was right all the oils from my face soon made it into my eyes and I could see no more!!
No doubt you have many similar stories..but the bottom line is that...

Glasses cost a lot of money, especially if you want something that is not plastic and slightly modern.
So when my friend approached me about this web-store he's opened for selling prescription glasses I was on board immediately
This is a no least it is for me and I hope you will soon agree.
People who wear glasses should not be penalized in any way...with these kind of prices for prescription eye glasses I can have a pair
for any occasion. I can have multiple looks..nerdy (yeah, if I want), retro, classy, fun and so on get the idea.

This is why we sell glasses!

3Comments | Posted in: Eyewear    By: Eyewear Junky

Fashion is dynamic and ever changing, and the regular changes demand new innovations and creative ideas. Enhanced features, as well as specifications are often added to new or existing eyeglasses. Although, new styles and designs of eyeglasses have flooded the market, semi rimmed eyewear holds firmly to it's place in the market and has established a niche in the market, despite the changing fashion trends. Half rim eyeglasses are enticing and attractive by exposing the eyes due to the partial rim on the top of the lens

Being sophisticated and timeless, these glasses conveniently fit on multiple face shapes, such as, long, oval and round.These glasses are more durable and sturdy than rimless glasses. Half rim glasses are perfectly suited for both men and women , and for those looking for durable yet fashionable glasses. Half rim eyeglasses for womenare perfect for all sorts of prescription glasses such as single vision, bifocal, progressive, fashion, reading and computer glasses.

In half rim eyeglasses the rim extends downwards and encircles the sides only for a short distance, less than an inch. There are a lot of benefits of having half rim eyeglasses for men , these glasses tend to create a serious yet stylish look with the more modern styles and a more classic look with the more retro styles. Options for further customization like anti-reflective, UV and anti-scratching coating are always available, further all glasses ship with a protective case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

2Comments | Posted in: Eyewear    By: Eyewear Junky
Understanding Bifocal Lens

2012-08-18 00:10:43 LA

A Bit About Bifocal Lens

We reach the age of 40-45 and suddenly it seems like the writing on the shampoo bottle has been printed smaller. For most this seems to be the time when changes in our prescription start and new vocabularies need to be learnt.

Once the emotional struggles are over, for they seem to be present whether you wear glasses or this is your first foray into the “need to see better” arena; you will need to purchase either reading glasses or bifocal eye glasses.

Some say that bifocal lenses were invented by Benjamin Franklin , but regardless of who invented them it’s a clever solution for being able to have a multifocal lens. Lens that can help you see up close or far on the same pair of glasses. This would mean there is a magnifying power at the bottom of the lenses (for help reading) and whatever power you normally need on your glasses at the top/middle of your lenses for seeing far. This idea of having two prescriptions on one lens, with a separating line is called bifocal lens.

There is a little learning curve once the glasses are worn. Most people tend to lower their head when they are reading something, maybe in an attempt to get closer. Well here one needs only move the eyes down without moving the head…just lower the eyes and we will then have available the magnifying power of the lower portion of the lens.

Bifocal lenses

This is the trick, we must relearn to look down with the eyes and not lower the head. The eyes then will refocus and use the new correction power available.

For some people this refocusing may cause them to experience dizziness or even headaches.But this will go away if it persists then one must revisit there eye care doctor.

Another option without a dividing line, but with multifocal lenses that blend into each other is progressive lens.

2Comments | Posted in: Eyewear    By: Eyewear Junky
The Hottest Glasses! Summer 2013

2012-08-18 00:10:16 LA

What Are The Trends For Glasses This Summer You Ask?
Let's weigh in with what the stars have been wearing around town!

The hottest trends in eyewear for 2013 — whether you're looking for daily glasses or prescription summer shades.

Bold & Bright

~ Bright colors in classic or retro styles like cat eyeglasses or over sized glam glasses or the old wayfarer is the way to go. Seen on the streets was Gwen Stefani looking "HOT" in bright blue plastic round glasses and Miranada Kerr with bright yellow glasses

Bright yellow prescription eyeglasses

Tortoise, Retro & Curves
~ Black metal aviator sunglasses for men with a graduated purple lens tint.

~Inspired by the retro styles sported by Matt Damon and Jude Law in the
"The Talented Mr Ripley" are the round sunglasses or wayfarer sunglasses shapes, as well as the tortoise wayfarer glasses

Tortoise wayfarer glasses

~With their square black frames and textured arm detail, these classic type frames offer a totally different choice to anything else available on the market

square black frames prescription eyeglasses

0Comments | Posted in: Eyewear    By: Eyewear Junky
How To Choose Eyeglasses?

2012-08-17 22:23:48 LA

Selecting glasses is a daunting task. I know, it can be overwhelming and I for one can't see what I look like when I am trying on one of those glasses at the opticians. so here are some pointers.I hope they help!
But please remember buying goods online is not only more cost effective but  convenient...AND easy return.

  • First thing is to really take a look at what kind of shape you face is. This really makes a difference as to what kind of shape will fit well. I have a roundish face and I find that rounded shapes make my face more round..not nice! Check out my "Tips on Picking Glasses by Your Face Shape"

  • Next if you have sunglasses (if this is your first time) or prescription glasses that you just love...then take that and do some measuring. Check out my measuring guide for that.

  • Next think about the colors that would look good on your face. Something neutral is always good, gold or silver is a great option (here you can actually buy both without breaking the bank) for a more conservative look. There are all sorts of patterns available in plastic that can add a fun and funky look to your style. To pick based on your skin tone and coloring you can check out my article.

  • So then after this comes the technical stuff...measure your PD, or look on your prescription. Though chances are you will either have to measure it yourself following our guide, or ask/pay for your eye care specialist do it for you.
1Comments | Posted in: News    By: Eyewear Junky