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Eye Doctors (Optometrist) - Health Screening Kiosks

See an Eye Doctor
Eye Doctors - Health Kiosks/ Or Online  
Before you purchase your affordable eyeglasses online you must have a  current eyeglass prescription on hand.
It is advisable to get a complete eye health exam every two years. While this can only be done at an Optometrist's  of an Opthamalogists office.
I thought I would give you some fun and easy places to do a quick check on your eyes or other health stats.

"The kiosks can even test vision and connect into a live video conference with a physician who, teamed with a medical assistant on-site, can use
a stethoscope, otoscope, dermascope, and other diagnostic equipment."as quoted by Forbes.com.

Follow-up is then done by email or other media.

Click on either of the links below and enter your location for a kiosk near you:

Pursuant Health SCreening

With a computer, smartphone, an internet connection and a little time you can try out  Opernative. They will review your results and send you back a prescription you can use to get glasses or contacts anywhere

Online vision test Opternative

If you want to just go old school then visit our free and low cost vision page or our list of Eye Doctors


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