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Frame Material Definitions

Our eyeglass frames for women, men and kids are made in various materials:


Aluminum is mostly used in the
high-end eyewear design market because it creates unique looks. The sleek look of aluminum is easily recognizable and always tends to look very modern. It is as strong as steel but is much lighter. It is lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant and finally, it is hypoallergenic and tends to keep its shape over time.

Handmade Acetate

Hand pressed and molded, In comparison mass-produced injection-molded plastic frames are uncomfortable, easily broken and must be spray painted to achieve shine or pattern.

Injection Plastic

This type of plastic is made using a mold where the hot liquefied plastic is placed. Once cooled it solidifies into the frame, to which colors are added. These types of frames are more flexible and can bend without damage. These frames cost less than acetate frames as the production is quite efficient, and therefore, make very
affordable eyeglasses.

Memory Flexible

Being a titanium-based alloy, this material has a great capacity to retain it's shape. These frames are lightweight and very flexible.


As a mixture of a broad range of metals, this is a widely used cost effective metal.


The most cost effective selection. This is the best material for explosive color, and for getting laminated frames that have layered colors. If you are looking for light cost effective
eyeglasses frame this is one to consider.

Pure Titanium

This is a silver-gray metal that's lightweight, durable, strong and corrosion-resistant. Here we have pure titanium and not an alloy.

Stainless Steel Stainless steel frames are light weight, low toxicity and strong; many are hypoallergenic because they are nickel-free. They are a good cost effective alternative to pure titanium.

Stainless Steel and Ultem Temples

 Ultem ,a new material, is a very durable, yet light and flexible alternative to metals. By using it for temples these frames utilize the hypoallergenic quality of stainless steel, with the flexible and super light Ultem.


TR-90 is an extremely durable material that is unusually flexible and lightweight, providing a very comfortable fit. There is great color depth and much less fading with exposure to sunlight.

TR-90 Flexible

Put the extreme durability of tr-90 and add to it more flexibility. You get a frame that is extremely light weight, and very flexible.TR-90 flexible is a perfect solution for kids and active adults along with polycarbonate coating for extra safety.


 Wood offers a very ecologically sound choice. Though it is stiff and not adjustable, it has a natural beauty that is undeniable and usually handmade and much more expensive.

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