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Fundraising For Schools

Join Our Circle, Affordable Eyeglasses

Effortlessly support your school and save money.

Looking for a practical, beneficial way to raise money?

This is a year-round fundraising program where 10% of Eyewearinsight.com sales goes back to your school.

We believe that everyone has the right to have affordable eyeglasses and we are hoping you will help us make this so.

If you represent or support a school, or non-profit organizations that are helping and supporting people and their well being, this is for you!

  • Just enter the code for your specific organization(given by us when you sign up) and we will do the accounting and donate 10% of all sales
  • Students, family and friends can buy using this code
  • Complete eyeglasses (frame & lens) for less than $30.00
  • A meaningful program to raise donations AND reward your supporters
  • A hassle-free way to fundraise.

To get started today call us or email us for more information