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Eye Doctors (Optometrist, Opthalmlogist ) - List

Prescription glasses - eye doctor

Finding an Eye Doctor

Before you can buy eyeglasses online  you need a prescription.

When looking for an eye doctor whether an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist you can:
  • Ask family members and friends.
  • Ask your general practitioner for the name of a local eye care specialist.
  • The department of ophthalmology or optometry can give referrals at a hospital or university medical center close by.
  • There is a live searchable list on the American Board of Optometry
  • Association of ophthalmologists or American Associations of Optometrists  have lists of eye care professionals with specific information on specialty and experience.
  • Another online resource is ZocDoc
  • Your insurance company or health plan would also have a list of eye care professionals that are covered under your plan.
  • In addition to these we have compiled and will continue to add to, a list of eye doctors; as well as pediatric eye doctors.
  • We also provide a list of eye doctors (including pediatric eye doctors) that provide free or low cost eyecare.
There are also publications that can be found at libraries or online.
Here are a few:
If you need to find low cost or free eye doctors take a look at our list for some ideas we also working on a list of general optometrist - Eye doctor Directory

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