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Reviews: What Our Customers Have to Say

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 Eyewearinsight Reviews Eyewearinsight Reviews                                                  Eyewearinsight Reviews

Eyewearinsight Reviews                             Eyewearinsight Reviews Eyewearinsight Reviews
Eyewearinsight Reviews                                                                                Eyewearinsight Reviews Eyewearinsight Reviews                                                                                 Eyewearinsight Reviews


Eyewearinsight Reviews                                                                                                                               Eyewearinsight Reviews Eyewearinsight Reviews
Eyewearinsight Reviews                                                                        Eyewearinsight Reviews


Eyewearinsight Reviews                                                                           Eyewearinsight Reviews Eyewearinsight Reviews                                                                                       Eyewearinsight Reviews Eyewearinsight Reviews                                                                                      Eyewearinsight Reviews

Eyewearinsight Reviews


Feedback Sent in by Customers

Berry you and every one who works for eye wear insight are completely awesome! Thank you for the great customer service 

Thank you so much. These glasses are great!

I just received my glasses, I ordered the c1526 in black, and I absolutely love them. They feel great, and they look awesome!!!

Thank you so much. You guys are great! 

Thank you. This is awesome customer service. I will definitely recommend your business, and will continue to purchase more glasses. Thanks again.

I received my glasses! Cant believe I was sent the black ones that was super nice of you guys thank you so much! It was much of a surprise 😊😊😊 I will leave u guys reviews on both Glasses -Sophie

 My glasses arrived today and I can't be happier. Now I can't decide which pair to wear as I love them both.If you could put a bunch of your cards in a envelope and send it to me. I have already given out all the ones you have sent and I still have people asking for more. Hopefully I can send some people your way. I can't say enough about the great service I have received. Thank you for all your help.Cecile 

Ok thank you so much! I'll be sure to purchase here again in the near future and tell my followers the great customer service you provided! Roxxy 

My daughter's glasses came today, and she said she absolutely loves them and that they're perfect! Then she told me that they actually work better than the $400 pair we bought from the eye doctor (because we were desperate to get a pair quickly). Not happy about spending the money at the doctor's office, but we couldn't wait.But, we're both delighted with that the pair we got from yall. Next time, she'll have to make do while we wait for the glasses that we'll order from you.Thank you so much - again!!! Carole 
Yes I received them today. Much better.

Thank you again for all the great service I have received from your company.

Have a great 2016

Thank you,

 I am wearing a pair of your glasses and I love them! I think they are great, I actually wear them the most! (seriously!) MY Critique that would make me drop other companies is to fix your antiglare. It isn't bad, but anti glare is important to me and the pair I have isn't as seamless as the zeni optical and shows more of a green glow, other than that, you have a phenomenal company! AND YOU SENT ME A NICE LETTER when I bought my glasses, I really appreciated that :) mani omgsh,

 I bought the tortoise frames in the style of the black ones you hauled in your last video (the ones with the orange gradient legs) and I have gotten SO MANY compliments on them! Almost every time I wear them out! Women have actually stopped me to ask me where I have gotten them. I have referred so many people to this site, and I never would've known about it if it weren't for your videos! Thanks! Natalie

 I have Lazy Eye and I'm addicted to these! I have the same black ones with gold and stones on the side you had in your last haul and the cat eye ones you have in red, but I bought them in the brown/clear frames! I recommend these to everyone!! I NEED those tortoise shell frames!! And my chubby cheeks don't touch the glasses either which is awesome

 Hello, I Just Got my Glasses in the Mail and I love them. They look so amazing. Thank you so much Avilene 

I love Eyesight Insight! I lost my $600.00 pair and thought I�d give Eyesight Insight a try. It was Easy and Fun choosing a pair, I just got my prescription from my Optometrist and put in the info and a few days later, I had my knew progressive glasses. They are great looking,  I can see clearly and they fit perfectly. Best part is I saved over $500.00. I always thought eyeglasses frames where overpriced and a bit of a scam, but not so with Eyesight Insight, they live up to their name. I could not recommend them more. Joe , California
The glasses I ordered were very nice and exactly what I wanted will definitely be back for more pairs.Ezana, Texas

Great eyeglasses at a great price. I love my glasses, and get so many compliments on them. I highly recommend them to all my friends. High quality product and a fab price. 
Christine, California

I just got them about an hour ago and absolutely LOVE them!
You won't believe this, but I'm thinking I need a backup pair of Transitions!
Yall are great!

I must admit I was a bit skeptical about buying eyeglasses online,but have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The quality and fit and finish of the glasses are excellent. While they need a little adjustment, which is to be expected, even when purchased at a store, the overall price and experience was smooth and efficient. I was amazed at how quickly they arrived. My wife said she's going to check out the site and order a pair, as well. One can't beat the price!
Stephen Gelman  Lafayette, California

I was fitted just recently for bifocals at Lenscrafters at a cost of more than $350 for one pair of glasses no scratch-resistance or anti-glare coatings.  The quality of the frame was okay, for $100, but the lenses - I still couldn't see very well.

I needed a second pair of glasses as a backup pair, and thought to myself that it was worth a try to purchase them online that I really didn't have much to lose.  Eyewear Insight had the best prices, best frame selection, easiest ordering process, and the easiest to use website.  The anti-scratch and anti-glare features were included in the lens price, and there was a wide variety of lenses to choose from.  I found a frame I liked, put in all of my prescription information, and went through the easy checkout process.  In a relatively short period of time, I received my new glasses.  They looked great, but my biggest surprise was that I see BETTER with them than I do with my $350 Lenscrafters pair!  My backup pair suddenly became my primary pair of glasses, and I couldn't be more pleased!

Eyewear Insight is fantastic, and I would highly recommend to anyone including bifocal wearers to give them a try.  You certainly won't be disappointed!  In fact, I will be ordering another pair to be my NEW backup pair and put the Lenscrafters glasses away for an emergency like the dog eating my first Eyewear Insight pair and me losing the second Eyewear Insight pair that I'll be ordering soon.

Carole Moore, Fantastically Happy Customer  Glen Allen, Virginnia
I was very pleasantly impressed love my glasses its nice, perfect and a great price and the fact that it was delivered so fast was an added pleasure. Thanks keep up the great job.
Fufie  Dallas, Tx

THANK YOU for these wonderful glasses! The quality, the durability of the frames, the fast shipping and the friendly service I received from the team was fantastic. I ended up asking a few questions after my order was placed and was pleased to receive such great service. Plus the glasses are beautiful and they look great on me - no hassle shipping and I'll definitely order again. Can't thank you enough!  
Amber  Baltimore, MD

I just bought some women's reading g lasses and am very happy with the frames. They are better than I expected, fashionable and unique. The customer service is also excellent. The last glasses I ordered were too big and slid off my face. I was offered a replacement pair and am very happy with what I selected. Now I know how to order so I opt for the shorter frames.
Andrea Harrow  Los Angeles, Ca

I just received my first pair of online progressive lens eyewear. I had been reluctant to purchase eyewear online, but my glasses arrived yesterday and what a pleasant surprise! I had become used to spending hundreds more for the same prescription glasses, and the pair I just purchased from EyewearInsight.com provide me with flawless vision, and I love the violet frames I was able to select, too! Great job!!
Susan Rawlings