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How to Buy Eyeglasses Online


how to buy glasses onlineHow to Buy Eyeglasses Online?

Buying Eyewear Online

Well you have made the first step, you are here!

I understand that this process may feel to be a little tricky at first.  We have all felt that, in the beginning. Getting the prescription from the eye care practitioner and then ordering online is a new territory; and may seem daunting at best. Fear not!

Believe me when I tell you, it will no doubt be the best decision you have made. Once you get the hang of it, it will be easy. You will find that getting affordable eyeglasses can be fun, as well as, financially rewarding not to mention fashionable.

Reasons to buy online are: Price, price, price and price; not to mention convenience (they come to your door) and are GUARANTEED (meaning you can return them if you don't like them for any reason).

But yes you have to kinda know what shape looks good on you unless you are willing to experiment. Even if you did it would be to the tune of $20-40 and this can always be your emergency pair if it's really bad.

So, follow our checklist  buy your glasses online save a good 80-90% on your glasses. Of course this means you can buy several pair and have several trendy glasses so that you can change your look every day!

Who said prescription glasses shouldn't be like any other accessory?

Start Here:

1) Have your current prescription on hand, don't worry here is a little guide about how to understand your prescription; or if you need to find an eye doctor, or need low cost eye care check out our list.

In the case of our example below there is a prescription for far/near  which is either progressive (no-line bifocals) or bifocals, computer (mid- range distance) and reading glasses (near)

Your eyeglass prescription

Measure your pupillary distance (pd) or get it from your eye care practitioner

If you need any help ordering your glasses take a quick look at our glasses guide or give us a call

the distance between your pupils is your horizontal PD

3). Now is the fun part - pick your frames.

First, please
measure the glasses you currently wear - especially if they fit well and look great on your start by using

that style and size as the standard. Then slowly as you beginning to understand how the glasses will fit you can experient on your subsequent visits.

measure your glasses

4). As you browse our site you will notice that the styles are arranged by size, color, style and more. Start by size and style and venture from there.

how to filter to find the right eyeglasses

5). Once you have your frames picked out then click on the "select lenses" blue button
PRO TIP : You can use the little heart below the styles to save the styles you like to your wishlist if you open an account

how to save your eyeglasses to your wishlist

Step 1: Pick the type of prescription you have or the type of lenses you would like to buy

what type of lenses would you like for your eyeglasses


Step 2: Enter your prescription: -- YOU can always call us, email us or chat with us to help you with this. If you are unsure in anyway please do so -

this way we can save expense and time in getting you the right glasses!

how to enter your eyeglasses prescription

Step 3: Customize your lenses - pick the lens thickness (
do you need high index lenses), or if you would like photochromic (get's dark in the sun, and light indoors), or would you like polarized lens (stays dark always)
Tip: You can also pick tints or mirror coating as another option for sunglasses on step 3Pick any computer blue light blocking (if you don't have any tints or treatments on your glasses already) or any tints, mirror and/or hydroscopic coating.
how to customize your prescription glasses lens

And more addons for further customization:
addons to customize your eyeglasses

And that's it!! Enter your glasses into the cart and put in your payment details, your shipping information and voila! You are done. Sit back and wait for them to arrive. Once you get the glasses you might find that you may need to make some very light adjustments to the fit. You can find information about that adjusting the fit of your glasses. 

As always if you need our help we are but a call away at 866 217-5878, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. PT daily or Text 213 769-8009 or 
emailing us

                                                                                                       Well that's it then happy shopping..