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Prescription Eyeglass Buying Checklist

Prescription Eyeglass Buying Checklist

One of the best places to start is with our glasses guide this will give you a nice breakdown.


Before Buying

Get an up-to-date prescription for your eye glasses, if you already wear prescription eyeglasses. If you don't you will need to get one from
an Eye Doctor (tips to finding the right Optometrist)
Unless you are looking for reading glasses.

If you have frames that you like and feel comfortable jot down the measurements

1)    Lens Width
2)    Lens Height
3)    Bridge Width
4)    Temple Width
5)    Frame Width

You will also need your PD (Pupillary Distance) Please see
how to measure your PD if this is not on your prescription.

Doctor's Visit

  • Make sure and ask for a copy of your prescription
  • If you need readers check with your doctor for any astigmatism correction if needed
  • Make sure the doctor has included your PD on your prescription (if not it's not a problem to measure this yourself)

At Eyewear Insight.com

  • With prescription in hand browse through the type of frames available
  • Alternately if you know the color and style you prefer use the filter on the left side
  • You may also wish to start with the finding the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape to narrow your choices
  • Now you are ready for our VIRTUAL TRY-ON. See how your glasses look.
  • Once decided enter your prescription as per your doctor's orders.
  • Double check your entry, you may wish to store your prescription on our site
  • Sign In to keep your order on our site.
  • You can always fax your prescription or place your order on the phone entirely
  • Checkout using whatever method you prefer.

In the Future

Once you received your order, and you are satisfied please feel free to write your feedback.
As always if there is any problem with your eyeglasses, please contact us immediately.

Our customer's service is but a phone call/email away, we are standing by to assist you in every way. We will match any price for the same quality glasses.

As always if you need our help we are but a call away
 at 866 217-5878, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. PT daily or Text 213 769-8009 or emailing us